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Royal Albert Embankment in London:

  • chewing gum removal
  • graffiti removal
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The site was on the South Thames embankment between Lambeth Bridge and Westminister Bridge directly opposite the houses of parliament. The works involved the removal of chewing gum from the stone paving (approx 1km long) and also the removal of graffiti from Portland stone and marble walls.

REMCHEM LIMITED is committed to running its business in a responsible, environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We recognise that our processes and products have both direct and indirect environmental impacts. We will seek to identify adverse impacts and find effective ways of reducing them, aiming for continuous in our environmental performance and progress towards sustainable development objectives. Throughout our operation we will regard compliance with the law as a minimum standard to be achieved.


ANTI GRAF is effective on virtually all surfaces except the most porous of brickwork. It will attack cellulose spray paint, aluminium spray paint, all emulsions, bitumen, tar and indelible marker. It is specifically designed not to attack polyurethane gloss paint and therefore, graffiti should fairly easily be removed from gloss painted doors without damaging the existing paint system. No specialist equipment required. Simply apply to affected areas and wipe with a cloth.

12 x 0.5l @ £48.95 plus VAT.
One box of 4 x 5l @ £160.00 plus VAT.
25l drum @ £185.00 plus VAT

SIRIUS PLUS is simply used by placing a capful in the bowl and leaving it over night. It can also be used to descale urinals, etc. The big advantage is that it is pleasantly scented and does not emit toxic noxious vapours. Furthermore, it is not too acidic and this limits the possibility of damaging pipe work, etc.

One box of 4 x 5l @ £56.00 plus VAT.
25l drum @ £63.75 plus VAT.

ANTI BAC is our most successful product and it generally sells because of two main factors, its long lasting pleasant scent and its extremely high concentration. Each 0.5l bottle will make 10 gallons of disinfectant solution. The best way to use it is to make each bottle up to 1 gallon with water and then use it like normal disinfectant, i.e. dilute 10 times again. Anti Bac may also be use to clean windows, mirrors, etc. It has also been used simply as an air freshener since the scent is extremely long lasting.

One box of 4 x 5l @ £33.00 plus VAT.
25l drum @ £37.50 plus VAT


ORION is as fast acting acting graffiti remover for use on porous surfaces such as brick, stone and concrete. Apply a liberal coating with a brush, the time required for penetration varies according to the thickness and age of the material to be removed. Usually 3 15 minutes is sufficient. After stripping, the area should be thoroughly washed down using jet washing equipment. This chemical is for use is well-ventilated areas only.

One box of 4 x 5l @ £99.80 plus VAT.
25l drum @ £120.50 plus VAT.


STARBURST is an alkaline cleaner for use in high pressure cleaning machines for the removal of traffic film, general grime and smoke damage, the degreasing of kitchens and floors, etc. This can be used with hot or cold water. This is an excellent product with many uses depending on dilution. This product should not be used on aluminium surfaces or equipment as alkalis attack the metal.

One box of 4 x 5l @ £67.00 plus VAT.
25l drum @ £80.00 plus VAT.

All chemicals are subject to a delivery charge

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